Welcome to Cheyenne, Wyoming

Cheyenne is the Capitol City of Wyoming and is located in the Southeast corner of the state. In 1867 the Transcontinental Railroad was in the early stages of development and was responsible for the establishment and growth of the city. The name Cheyenne is actually the name of one of the most prominent Great Plains Native American tribes of the time, the Great Cheyenne Nation. You may hear Cheyenne referred to as the “Magic City of the Plains” and this nickname was derived as a result of the rapid population growth in conjunction with the railroad construction and dreams of prosperity.


Today Cheyenne is home to a major Union Pacific Railroad yard and the Union Pacific Steam Locomotive Shop. Here, fans of railroads can visit the repair shop where the famous “Big Boy” engines are repaired and some are stored. Cheyenne’s Holiday Park also has a “Big Boy” on display. Another popular railroad, the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway (BNSF) shares the rails in Cheyenne. BNSF is Union Pacific’s largest competitor in the western United States and is a primary mover Wyoming’s low sulfur coal.

Cheyenne is also home to one of the nation’s oldest active military installations, Francis E. Warren Air Force Base which started out in 1867 as Fort D.A. Russell for the U.S. Calvary. The Wyoming Air National Guard is also located here and shares land with the Cheyenne Regional Airport.


The city currently has a population of just over 60 thousand, has four high-schools and the Laramie County Community College. Unless you are looking for a specific park, you usually will not have to drive far to find one as Cheyenne has many. Additionally, Cheyenne boasts over 37 miles of interconnecting bicycle/walking trails (known as the Greenway) which run between the various parks and neighborhoods with bridges and underpasses in place to allow users to avoid most streets, traffic and waterways.


Yes we have snow and rain and wind. In fact Cheyenne has a reputation for being one the windiest cities in the country. But, we do not have smog, rarely get fog and we get some spectacular sunrises and sunsets here. The wind is actually a treasure as it allows us to have a huge electricity generating wind farm just west of town.


In Cheyenne you will find almost any kind of property you desire from urban, to suburban to rural but alas… No ocean front properties here. Cheyenne is a great place to live, to raise a family or just retire as you will find the people here to be friendly, kind and helpful. And… If you like rodeo, Cheyenne hosts the largest outdoor rodeo in the last full week of July known as Cheyenne Frontier Days “The Daddy of ‘Em All.” Lots of rodeo and a lot of top name evening concerts.   


For more information about our wonderful capitol city please visit the web site for the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce (here). The site has tons of information and many useful links to other sites.

Welcome to Cheyenne!